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onley PDF files - required
Required by Israeli tax laws


Please note , Basic experience in DvT is required.


You can select the type of ticket you want

Please note that many of the presentations will be video-recorded. Click here to read the brief privacy guidelines for the protection of conference participants and intellectual property of the presenters. 

We did our best to cut the registration fee to a minimum – 40 Euros, and we hope that this will enable many to attend the virtual playspace.
Institute Israel is burdened, like many others, with dire economic setbacks due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please consider increasing your payment to 50 or even 80 Euros, and help us keep our institute afloat. Thank you!  

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*25 Euros will be charged for cancellation of registration before February 10, 2021. After Feb. 10, 2021 50% refund on registration fee.

No refund after March 1st

ההרשמה נסגרה

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