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The Fireplace: An Active Reflection on Transformation, Wildfire, and A Fireplace

April 22, 2021 at 8:15:00 PM

60 min

Randy McCommons

To watch the recording, click here

This workshop grew out of reflecting on a wildfire that burned over a thousand homes neighboring my house and on my winter morning ritual of building a fire in my home fireplace. Fire is one of the primordial forms of transformation.

Fire has desire. It has Po’A; destruction, wonder, and utility. A fireplace is a real place for fire. The playspace is a conceptual place for play. So confusing. Well anyway I am confused. We will actively reflect on safety, risk, and rapidish^slowish transformations in our work and in our lives. Then we may make s’mores.

Randy McCommons is the Director of Institute Hot Pot in Hong Kong, Curmudgeon

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