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The Dramasphere- Finally- An offering to dimensionalize-transform^replace the term - playspace

April 22, 2021 at 12:15:00 PM

60 min

Renée Pitre

To watch the recording, click here

Presentation Description: Renée has always had a hope that we could expand the definition and overall understanding of DvT's term 'playspace'. For her, it never captured what she was experiencing. Enter: PhD. Stemming from her research with DvT community members, the term Dramasphere was created as a way to capture the dimensionality that they too experienced in the playspace. In this presentation, the term Dramasphere will be explained (hopefully!), topics embedded in it like rotation, segmentation, and dramaspheric composition will be highlighted (hopefully!), and you too will be convinced that we need an update and agree with Renée (hopefully!). Petitions to David to allow Renée to write the chapter on dimensionality for the next text for practitioners (or at least ordering him to cite her work) will be available for your signature (hopefully!).

Renée Pitre, PhD., RDT/BCT, LPC is a graduate of DvT and loves researching the nuances of play.

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