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Listening Through the Body in Digital Therapy Drama

April 22, 2021 at 11:00:00 AM

60 min

Susana Pendzik and Galila Oren

To watch the recording, click here

Drama Therapy in general and DvT in particular are embodied practices, in which a significant aspect of listening is done through the body. Awareness through the body brings depth to therapeutic improvisation, enhancing intuition and adding a dimension of joy, pleasure and surprise.

This kind of listening is very much lacking in drama therapy online – as well as in real life, in this period of prescribed social distancing and isolation.

In this workshop we will practice listening intuitively with our bodies through the screen, as a means of enriching the experience of improvisation in DVT, drama therapy – and hopefully, in everyday life.

Susana Pendzik, PhD, RDT, Head of the Drama Therapy Graduate Program at Tel Hai Academic College; lecturer: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dramatherapy Institute, Switzerland.

Galila Oren, MA, drama therapist and supervisor in private practice, lectures at the Drama Therapy Graduate Program Tel Hai Academic College and Dramatherapy Institute, Switzerland

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