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Leelah – Play for Itself

April 23, 2021 at 10:30:00 AM

60 min

Dov Blum-Yazdi, Danielle Warzager and Amani Musa

To watch the recording, click here

Method: "Leelah – play for itself" is a nondirective, long-term and phenomenological model, inspired by the Police Greek cities and by the game Dungeons & Dragons. De facto, this is a role-playing game method that investigates self-reflexivity in relation to the other. During the workshop, we will Practice Video Role-Playing. Each participant takes on a role and plays simultaneously with the others.

Workshop: The participants will be divided into guilds and embody different roles. Alongside its unique identity, each guild will face the mutual identity of the entire community. This social lab will break up long standing social conventions and dissolve the leftovers into an intuitive sense of new understandings. The workshop will provide an opportunity to explore group interactions through video, belonging to a guild through separate squares on the screen and allowing oneself to take part in an imaginary world and figures while sitting in his own living room.

Accessories: All participants are asked to prepare themselves for the play by bringing with them objects which can be used as a costume and / or accessory at the entrance to the role, for example: wigs, scarfs, gloves, a ball, a pitcher, etc. It is recommended to have a variety of objects so that the player can choose what suits him according to what rises within at the moment.

Dr. Dov Blum-Yazdi - Drama Therapist and Clinical Criminologist. Graduate of psychotherapy mind-body-spirit program. Doctoral student in psychoanalysis and Hermeneutic: Bar-Ilan Uni. Researcher of Leelah. Supervisor and lecturer in Haifa uni.

Danielle Warzager - Drama therapist and a graduate of the DvT program in Israel. Conductor of a therapeutic center for children with special needs in south Tel Aviv, PhD student at Haifa University for Creative Arts Therapies.

Amani Musa - Drama therapist and Supervisor. Doctoral/researcher in the field of art therapy, studying the subject of children who have been abused in the education system in the Israeli Arab society. Lecturer and Playback Actress.


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