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Getting stuck in..where?

April 23, 2021 at 3:45:00 PM

60 min

Viktor Dočkal

To watch the recording, click here

“..and what are you really afraid of when you're quite dead anyway?” the Prince asked. The Ghost had to think. He was silent for a long time. Only the prince's breath could be heard. “Unknown”, the ghost finally said, curling timidly, “I’m afraid of the unknown…” The prince smiled with relief. “Yeah, I understand that verywell…” (author's fairy tale, Jan Budař 2017)

During my PhD. study and research, i'm juggling with the possibility of change in the therapeutic - DvT - process. Is it really true we/our clients want to transform and change anything in our/their lives in the process of therapy? And what does it mean? Maybe it's better to pamper our own “unknown”. It's not very convenient, but it's something we can live in. We are used to.. Why to do any different. Of course, we don’t want to suffer or feel the pain, but…DvT brings many opportunity to transform or knock the limits of our defenses we create to hold the “positions"rather than to live our lives. Po'a still holds the secret of the second half of the image. Embodied encounters are often confused with playfulness and spontaneity. It help us to transform a picture but not to change anything at all with issue the Clients brings. And again, who actually wants to change anything - except for phrases over a glass of beer/wine/coffee/mothers milk. The virus is currently forcing us to move. And?

Love to share with you and offer my thoughts about possibility of change within the therapeutic process. I'm very curious what do you think about that. And looking forward to play with you alland have a fun at the “Forever Con’fuZed 2021”!

MgA.Viktor Dočkal - Dramatherapist, DvT graduated practitioner, mentor-supervisor (ČIS/EASC). Lives in Prague, Czech Republic. Leads the training groups focused on  Developmental Transformations (DvT) method. Co-director of the Institute DADA Extraart, z.s. ( Current Chairman of The Czech Dramatherapy Association (ADCR).

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