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From conflicts to resolutions: DvT within and beyond Hong Kong

April 23, 2021 at 7:15:00 AM

60 min

Eddie Yu, Step Chan and Winnie Ng

To watch the recording, click here

Hong Kong is a dynamic blend where the East meets West, however, the two cultures are still accommodating one another. Some long-standing Asian beliefs and values clash with DvT’s.

This presentation aims at bRaiNwaSHing participants with Hong Kong culture so you know how to work with TRUE Hong Kongers, and take it as an experience to work with a different culture. Through visiting a non-repeating perFectiSSSh culture, participants can also reflect how fuckED uP your own has been and how it is embedded in your blood and flesh, play and leadership.

DvT is a fresh approach in Hong Kong; the team members are the first batch of local DvT practitioners who have experienced various struggles^being fucked. The team would showcase how the cultural-social characteristics of this city counteract the spirit of playfulness and spontaneity^unstructured of DvT. For example, the instability in DvT playspace contradicts with Hong Kong culture^system^politics; the lack of Animate and Express of Asian limits or hinders embodiment. And conclude with how we encountered and learned from this local twist.

Let’s play and explore!

Eddie Yu #64 (nothing with June 4th) DvT graduate who hates DvT and Asia so much thus bringing them together, including Hong Kong, Taiwan & mainland China.

Step Chan A Level 2 trainee learning to become the most favourite broken toy in Hong Kong that's broken enough to make a living doing DvT.

Winnie Ng A fucked-up Level 1 student (or 0.9995 DvT practitioner) who practices DvT philosophy in life. Learning to live with instabilities, chaos and brokenness.

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