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Face To Face – Exploring the Encounter on Zoom

April 22, 2021 at 7:45:00 AM

60 min

Galit Davidson, Etay Sharon and Dina Fried

To watch the recording, click here

Covid-19 will likely have permeant effects on the way we meet and encounter the

"other" online and offline. How will the way we live and meet change in the wake of

the pandemic? So many lives around the world have been affected, and many

innovations have sprung in response to the challenge.

In our workshop, we will explore the encounter within the zoom realm, we will Meet

“face to face” zoom style and practice DvT, trying to figure out what was lost and

what can be found in this new setting. we will practice one on one play and an

Aquarium-based group play and together explore encounter from far through

movement and sound.

Body and movement are crucial foundations of DvT, it brings aliveness to our body,

spirit and mood. are we are constricted and constrained? how Can our body and

movements encounter through a narrow zoom window and how can DvT help us

play with restrictions, deficiencies and limitations?

We invite you to join us and be part of an artistic personal exploration process,

where your grasp of the encounter is explored.

Galit Davidson, MA, is clinical psychologist, DvT level 2, workswith preschool and

adults and specializes in ASD. She works in a public and private clinic and combines

DvT and Puppetry into her clinical work.

Etay Sharon, MA, A Drama Therapist, a DvT graduate and a professional group

therapist. Etay works in a Family therapy Center and specializes in playback and

acting. He is also a moderator of communication skills at Haifa University.

Dina Fried, PhD, ATR-BC, Dina Fried, PhD, ATR-BC, is an Arts therapist and a DvT

graduate. She supervises art therapy groups, coordinates art therapists, and

encourages the use of art-based clinical practice and research.

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