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Be Together Do Together

April 22, 2021 at 5:30:00 PM

60 min

Jaq Victor and Rebecca Davis

To watch the recording, click here

Join us for an hour of BIPOC-only play! That’s right... the only whiteness that is allowed must be internalized. hahaha. Being a BIPOC (black indigenous people of color) DvT-er can be pretty damn confuzzzing to say the least, both in and out of the play space. But what might reshape and transform for us without the external presence of white players? When left to our own BIPOC devices, will we even choose to play with race? If we do, what does the play look like? What might we accomplish? Do we need to accomplish something? Let's find out! Jaq and Rebecca will also give a sneak peak into their upcoming program called Be Together Do Together—a 6-month cultural sanctuary and playful laboratory for fellow BIPOC drama therapists!

Jaq Victor is training faculty at iWest and the founder of a healing justice program called Dig & Demand for LGBTQ+ immigrants and refugees of color.

Rebecca Davis is a co-founder of DvT PDX and artic LLC (anti-racist, trauma informed care), creator of Therapy, Altered, and adjunct faculty at Portland State University.

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