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What I do (not) have to offer as DvT practitioner in the treatment of sexual abuse survivors.

Rineke van Setten


13:30 (CST 18:30; EST 06:30)

60 min

Making a puzzle about the client, you (me) and the (focus of) therapy for some stability… and get lost again! Who is the client with the sexual abuse background, were does he/she suffer from and what can potentially help? Who are you as ConFuZed human being, with your own background, vision and with your strengths and weaknesses as DvT playor? In which context do you work and what is the focus of therapy? Is it about change, adjusting, acceptance or being able to endure? How do we …… that maybe the known therapeutic effect is just 13%. The presenter will take you through her experience of trying to find her own ConFuZed puzzle and how she uses DvT in individual therapy and female sexual abuse survivor groups. Video fragments of individual DvT sessions will be showed and we will (not) play with or around sexual abuse. How do you handle this?! What do you (not) have to offer?

Rineke van Setten is a Dramatherapist, PBSP therapist, DvT practitioner level 2. Dutch speaking Engl’isch. DvT changed my life as a survivor myself. Working in own practice with sexual abuse survivors in DvT groups and individual.

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