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Replacing the Embodied playspace with the Virtual playZpace

Daniel J. Wiener, PhD, RDT-BCT


22/4 23:15 (EST 16:15; PST 13:15)

60 min

Since Covid-19 was declared a Pandemic, delivery of the action psychotherapies has been largely conducted virtually/remotely, in far-less-embodied forms. Need we wait until Social Distancing ends before resuming Action therapies like DvT or Rehearsals for Growth (RfG)?

Our experience with RfG has been that both tele-training and tele-therapy are quite feasible, even when certain established techniques have to be modified or replaced. The fundamental reason for this is that RfG enactments are improvisational encounters in the playspace arising from activating imagination; encounters need not be bodily ones, nor must the playspace be evoked in a concrete or shared spatial location.

This 45-minute experiential presentation will lead participants through three exercises demonstrating how limited physical movement in teletherapy can simulate action therapy and invoke the playZpace.

Daniel J. Wiener, PhD, RDT-BCT is: the originator of Rehearsals for Growth; a prolific author; has presented professionally over 170 times; and has 3 awards from two national Associations.

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