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Play - What do the Waters Say?

Jen Johnson


18:45 (EST 11:45; PST 08:45)

60 min

NO Recording

Water is sacred and sought, sold and stolen, shared and celebrated, carried and yet carries all life. Water transforms, transmutes, travels beyond linear time in cycles of renewal. Water holds us, makes us, and sings us into this world. We are carried on a breaking wave into our first breath. Water connects—carried by air, held by earth, transformed by fire. Water in our world is being threatened as well as protected. Line 3 pipeline is currently being drilled near to me, to carry tar sands oil for profit under our most vital and necessary freshwater, living, rivers, lakes and wetlands. “Water is Life,” is a resounding call led by Indigenous and First Nations Peoples. Many communities are answering in many ways to protect and to understand our interdependence with all sentient beings including water. For those of us who are settlers on land and water stolen and colonized, how can relationship and responsibility to Indigenous wisdom keepers and water protectors be centered, nurtured, and honored? How can we embody interdependence and listening holistically through play? As we listen deeply in this workshop through centering, movement, story, and cauldron DvT to the Waters in body, in story, in play, what do the Waters say?

Jen Johnson, MA, RDT-BCT, Director Polaris Institute for DvT Midwest USA

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