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Jen Johnson, Talia Smigielski, Whitney Sullivan, and Greer Beckman


23:15 (EST 16:15; PST 13:15)

60 min

”For centuries, mothers have been trapped as the lynchpins of social order: called upon to secure the future of society, while offering the illusion of safety and security.” (Rose, 2018). During this past year, and for millennium, mothers have been tasked with keeping their children safe while navigating very real dangers. How do we protect our children’s bodies and minds from the impact of global pandemic? How can we dismantle white supremacy with our bodies through anti-racist mothering? How can we help our children survive in a broken system while seeking radical change? Constrained by lack of childcare, mothers continue to create playspace within and without. Join us for this performance and workshop, to rock together as we sing this lullaby from a shadow place, to grieve, encounter, create, and dance!

Jen, Talia, Whitney, and Greer are RDT, DvT mamas with graduate degrees, professional careers, and children who need them.  They are currently deep in the muck and the mire of pandemic parenting - becoming, seeking the belonging and held-witnessing a mother provides. All the while, asking for the larger witness of the International DvT community, especially at this time when parenting demands intrude upon professional work. They are grateful for Dana Suttles, who wrote this beautiful song, and mothered these mamas through this performance journey.

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