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A Players’ Play

Marcia Aguilar Kailian, Ramon Guitart , Aileen Cho, Steph Bayne and Randy McCommons


22:45 (EST 15:45; PST 12:45)

40 min

What happens when a group of DvT players find each other online and share their experiences in DvT therapy? This play is based on verbatim transcriptions of interviews with DvT players done over the last 20 years with a touch of imagination to tie them together. Any similarities to real people are totally and completely imaginary. However, these imaginary people gave real permission to use their words.

Following the performance there will be time for reflections.

Marcia Aguilar Kailian, RDT, performer, and director in San Francisco. Recipient of SF Arts Commission grant to direct an original therapeutic play.

Ramon Guitart is a student of Drama Therapy at CIIS about to graduate. Acting, playing, and creating are some of his prefered things to do when life permits.

Aileen Cho is a Korean-American RDT/BCT, CEDS, LMFT and DvT Practitioner. She is the prior Co-Director of the iWest DvT Institute in San Francisco, California.

Steph Bayne: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Drama Therapist working in private practice in Portland Oregon with a speciality in working with children.

Randy McCommons: Director of DvT Institute Hot Pot in Hong Kong, Scallawag.

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