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Crossing the Threshold…and crisscrossing, and crisscrossing…
Embodiment and Varielation in Developmental Transformations and Yoga.

Nicole Brucato Cooley


22:45 (EST 15:45; PST 12:45)

45 min

Nicole has submitted an article with this title to the drama therapy review twice now. Fingers crossed, it will be published some day…we’ll see what the editors say next month…but now is your chance to hear it all before it’s hot off the presses, or if it never makes it!

Articulating how embodiment informs transformation is a challenge. In this article, the author shares insights about embodied change from 15 years of experience in practicing yoga and DvT. Through the comparison of these embodied practices, the application of the theory of change in DvT (varielation and dimensionalization) and case examples, the author draws conclusions about the inner mechanisms of embodied change. The presentation will include discussion plus experiential adventure in embodied encounter with yourselves!

Nicole Brucato Cooley is a drama therapist, marriage and family therapist, mother of two, singer, yoga teacher and would-be playwright. She lives in South Lake Tahoe, CA, misses living in New York, but loves the mountains. She has been enjoying being part of the DvT community for many years and may refuse to ever graduate from level II.

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