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Privacy guidelines to a virtual conference

Dear conference participants, 

Welcome to the very first virtual DvT conference!! How exciting! 

Only a year has passed since COVID-19 broke into our lives and with it all its unimagined consequences. 

ZOOM meetings were surely one such outcome- contradicting our “unmediated embodied encounter” sensibilities, yet at the same time, supporting our undeniable desire^drive to carry on with playful encounters in a time of social distancing. 

The ZOOM platform offers the conference organizing team an uncomplicated solution for those participants who cannot attend presentations “live”, due to considerable time-zone differences. We plan to record events and in so doing, conference attendees will be able to watch them at a later time.

These pre-authorized recordings will be available for conference attendees only for a limited period of time, after which they will be erased. 

We hereby share with you the guidelines for the conference recordings with the intention of making your conference presentation choices better informed:

  • All recorded or partially recorded presentations will be labelled with the  🔴 REC  icon.

  • Recordings will be available to conference attendees only.

  • Conference attendees will not share presentation recording links with others.

  • Conference attendees are not allowed to record or download their own or others’ presentations.

  • If a conference attendee wishes to attend a recorded presentation without being recorded s/he could turn off their cameras and/or microphone (and not be recorded).

  • Recordings will take place in the main rooms only and not in the breakout rooms.


Please make sure you check-off the box on the registration page indicating that you have read and agree to the privacy guidelines of Con’fuZing: DvT Reshaped and Transformed virtual conference.

If you need more clarifications please contact us at .


The ii Crew 

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